Getting Out the Good News

Read Acts 3:1-16

1. Where were Peter and John going?
2. Where was the lame man going?
3. What was the lame man expecting? Are churches sometimes looked at as merely service agencies?
4. What was the gift Peter and John could offer this man? What can we offer people coming for help?
5. In whose name was the man healed? How do we rob of power our ministry to people?
6. What gives opportunity for the good news to continue to go out in this situation?

For Futher Reflection & Action:

1. What is the link between prayer and sharing the good news?
2. What needs to change in your life to make you a stronger witness to Jesus Christ?
3. Who in your life, right now, do you need to be praying for and sharing the good news with?
4. There are growing churches which have made the decision to be churches to the unchurched. What changes do you suppose churches make when they intentionally decide to be a church for the unchurched?