Are you ready to die?

    We get ready to die by dying.

Human beings run from death. We often try not to think about it. We push it aside for another day. We live as creatures who daily deny that they are mortal.

Much about our personalities, attitudes, perspectives and  thinking arises from a denial of death. We have many ways of trying to tell ourselves that we are immortal, invulnerable, strong, powerful, invincible. We tell ourselves these things while much of our experience tells us something else: People die; they get sick; they are weak, vulnerable and helpless. We deny our weakness and mortality by:

Escaping into super-hero stories/ movies
    Talking brave & fearless (when underneath we are afraid); Being macho
        Being controlling; Being the fixers of situations; Being fixers of others; Being fixers of ourselves
            Talking our way out of problems; Talking others out of problems; Having solutions for everything
                Closing ourselves off from others
                    Being unwilling to "let it be"
                        Being believers in ourselves

Jesus' attitude toward death and dying:

Death is one of the "enemies" he has come to vanquish.

Death is something he has come to take upon himself.

Death is something we are to take upon ourselves:

There is no rising without dying. No new life without:
Letting go. Emptying ourselves. Giving up our lives to God and to one another. Being open. Being receptive. Living thankfully. Trusting in God. Movable, transformable. Obedient. Not worrying about tomorrow. Waiting. Watching.

Questions for Reflection & Sharing

  1. What are your feelings about death?
  2. What does the Lord say to you about your death?
  3. How has God helped you with the task of dying?
  4. We experience new life through dying. Can you think of  experiences where through dying to something in your life you  came to experience new life?