Truthful Relationships

Speaking the truth in love, we must grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.... (Ephesians 4:15)

Truth & Love are related. Knowledge & Freedom are related. Vision & Power are related. Separate them and what you call truth may not be truth & what you call love may not be love.

In relationships we tend to do a lot of speaking. Relationships grow through communication. Relationships also can decline and die through communication. Therefore, speak the truth in love!

Speaking our Feelings

We share ourselves when we share what we are feeling:

  1. When the feelings are positive, is it hard to share them?

  2. When the feelings are negative, what is our sharing of feelings like?

  3. When we have been hurt by another person, when is it appropriate to share our hurt?

  4. What can we do with our hurts?

  5. When we share our hurts with another person, what role does love play?

  6. How can we share the truth of our hurts and do so with love?

  7. What is the difference between sharing our hurts in love and sharing our hurts with condemnation?

  8. What is the goal of our sharing? (Consider the above verse: Grow up in every way into him....)

  9. What is the difference between being a witness and being the Savior?

  10. What are some of the ways we get entangled in trying to be a savior, when all we are called to be is a witness?

  11. What is the difference between freely loving another person and influencing another person in order to manipulate and control that other person?